I met a shaman the other day, as you do. Or rather a ‘shamanic practitioner’ who is able to facilitate any of us to open our minds and selves to travel to other realms – upper and lower ones as explained to me. (Upper with the angels, lower with the animals). Plant-based trippy drugs can help, or, in my case, drumming at a certain beat that apparently changes brain waves.

As a well versed ‘journeyer’ into these other realms, this shaman spoke of meeting a friend each day out there in one of the realms. His friend’s body remains in the USA but his psychic body (or shamanic body, I didn’t get the technical name) travels and meets the psychic body of his friend. They sometimes chat, or just be with each other experiencing similar things. Before thinking any of this was hard to believe, similar-ish experiences leapt to mind that I’m sure ring true for others – knowing exactly what someone is about to say, knowing exactly what a text message will say once you hear the signal, knowing the ‘phone is about to ring. And with clients, I have experienced a number of ‘unthought thoughts’ that turn out to be accurate information about a client’s story – a name or a place or some other fact.

I don’t think I’m psychic, but I’m open to this shaman’s opinion that we all have a capacity to share a consciousness.