I have a particular interest in the phenomenon of self-criticism. People come to me for my help with a wide range of problems, yet nearly always, a self-critic lurks beneath them all, getting in the way of things. I find it really helpful to get to grips with this self-critic before any other ‘work’ begins on the presenting problem – for example, if we berate ourselves for being anxious, any techniques we may learn to address our anxiety will be hampered if we don’t respond more compassionately to our anxious brain (which is never our ‘fault’). It’s a mental habit I like to focus on, and I’m confident I can help you on your way with ideas and practices and to help you ease a self-critic’s grip.

In an effort to inspire people to think more about how they relate to themselves (often, critically), I wrote a book about this: Everyone’s A Critic¬†