Do I ever get bored of clients?

Do I ever want to tell clients what to do?

Do I ever dislike a client?

How do I not get overloaded/emotionally exhausted?

Do I ever get tempted to breach confidence?

What’s the difference between a psychotherapist and psychologist? Or a psychiatrist and psychotherapist? Or psychologist and psychotherapist?

Can I prescribe drugs?

Do I agree with anti-depressants?

How long do I work with people for?

What’s the most common complaint you hear?

(Rarely) Who checks up your work?

What do you actually do?


All of this is immensely cheering. Ten years ago, when I began clinical work, I rarely met questions probing my job. People didn’t know much about talking therapy and didn’t know what questions to ask. Or, they were entirely uninterested in me.