I can’t quite drum up any enthusiasm to blog about this film I’m afraid. Having seen a brilliant stage production of the play it was based on (Christopher Hampton’s) many years ago, Cronenberg’s filmic version was one major let down. I’m digging deep not to have more of a dig, but suggest watching it if you want to know more a little more about Jung and Freud (and can get it on DVD). It’s an easy vehicle to get some idea about their own, differentiating, ideas and how they eventually fell out over theory. The tension between Freud’s fanatic attachment to scientific rigour and Jung’s more explorative spiritual enquiries in a sense lingers to this day. Many psychotherapies struggle with fitting into the measurements demanded by contemporary research (randomised controlled trials), so miss out on public recognition and, indeed, funding (CBT doesn’t)….it’s very difficult to capture, ‘scientifically’, the essence of how therapy can enrich wellbeing.