I’ve been thinking a lot about the value of art in research endeavours recently. Partly because I’m a research-newbie at the terrifying start of an inevitable treacherous journey doing a Doctorate in Psychotherapy. But also because of my ever so slight involvement in the imminent Fertility Fest 2016 in a couple of weeks at my local Park Theatre.

The day is set to bring together foremost thinkers in the complex and emotive field of fertility and infertility, but also many of those who have expressed their emotional journeys through these experiences via the arts. Sometimes, and I know this only too well as a talking therapist, words aren’t enough to capture an experience – music, drawing, sculpting, filming, scribbling, movement or dreams may plug some gaps or convey the whole. As researchers in the field we need to pay close attention to such rich and valuable ‘data’ , but anyone concerned with helping or supporting people struggle to conceive may well benefit too.

Given 1 in 6 couples struggle to conceive, it’s likely you will know someone who has or will.