Digital Policy


I don’t use an e-mail encryption programme, so any emails we send to each other may be vulnerable to viruses or human error, and please remember that all emails are retained in the logs of Internet Service Providers. This means it’s a good idea to be thoughtful about what you include in emails to me, and it may be best to rely on email for non-confidential communications, like arranging appointment times.

Text messages

Please feel free to contact me by text message if you are running late or need to re-arrange a session, but it’s not the best method for telling me about important matters.

Social Media

I have LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram accounts. I prefer that our relationship remain as much as possible between us in the consultation room, so I won’t follow you if you request so, but you are of course, free to follow me. 


I prefer to learn as much about you from our meetings, so I won’t Google you after you make contact. I realise that it’s likely that you will have Googled me before you contacted me – if in your search you find something out that you have questions about, please do bring them to a session so we can discuss it.

Online Meetings

I prefer to use as I have been assured it is adequately encrypted – it is easy to install. If we do meet online, we can discuss how best this is done, and both agree not to use any recording devices.