While we are in lockdown, working online (or on the phone) are, sadly, the only option. If we agree to work in this way, I’ll talk through some of what’s below – but this may help nonetheless. And I may forget something!

Preparation for sessions:

  • Make sure your connection is as good as possible. If it’s possible to work ‘off wifi’ – ie with a cable connected to your modem, use that.
  • Think about a back-up option – so if Zoom fails, VSee (my preferred option) or FaceTime or phone. You may prefer to meet at another time rather than battle through connectivity problems, which is fine. I won’t charge you again.
  • Discuss cancellation/payment of fees due to Covid-19 illness (or indeed other illness).
  • If I get very ill, will I suggest a colleague to refer to?
  • Let others in your home know that you are talking privately for 50 minutes and that you need no interruptions.
  • Do let me know if you can’t see or hear me – or you are distracted by something. Bear in mind that we can’t look into each other’s eyes though – we can only look into the camera to convey that.
  • If you are likely to be distracted by noise around you, use headphones.
  • Remove other distractions, such as notifications that alert your device (messaging or otherwise) or unfinished work documents that are open and obvious, or even piles of washing needing to be sorted beside you. Ensure you can prioritise having a focussed conversation that is for you.
  • Make sure you are comfortable – sessions are 50 minutes long and your back will need proper support. Also make sure to be warm or cool enough – you don’t want to waste your precious time hunting down a jumper or turning the heating up.
  • In my consulting room, I always have water and tissues to hand – you may need one or other or both, but please don’t combine eating a meal. Therapy works best for you if you can concentrate on your head and heart.
  • There may be some advantages of meeting me from your home to consider – maybe you can show me important photographs or possessions, or works of art that mean something to you. There may even be words that are too tricky to say out loud but can be written down and shown, or messaged through…..