My practice has always been combined with writing – initially as a feature writer and columnist for Therapy Today and Private Practice magazines, and more recently by blogging for, and reviewing books for small journals.

My first book will be published in Spring 2019, and I regularly offer comments and quotes to journalists.

Latest Reviews

Disenfranchised pain

Abby Norman’s compellingly crafted memoir joins the canon of growing – and valuable –  literature exploring the human experience of physical and mental pain and illness, but it’s so much…

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Described as a ‘novel’ which I now understand to be a word encompassing various literary forms, Motherhood prises open the narrator’s years-long ambivalence about becoming a mother – I assume, we…

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I was used fucked, broken, toyed with and violated from the age of six. Over and over for years and years. And here’s how it happened. So begins an autobiography,…

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