My practice has always been combined with writing – initially as a feature writer and columnist for Therapy Today and Private Practice magazines, and more recently by blogging for, and reviewing books for small journals.

My first book will be published in Spring 2019, and I regularly offer comments and quotes to journalists.

Latest Reviews

The Only Girl in the World

There’s not much of a warm-up to this harrowing tale of a three-person family cult. The scene is set in 1936 with Louis Didier, a self-made wealthy business man, taking…

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Passionate Marriage

I’ve only just discovered David Schnarch’s thinking, and I’m really glad to have done. He turns some well-received, and indeed practised, ideas in couples and sex therapy around and upside-down…

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The Gossamer Thread

I’d recommended Phillipa Perry’s Couch Fiction as an accessible introduction to the little-understood process of psychotherapy. But also, The Gossamer Thread, the memoir of John Marzillier. Setting off his professional…

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