My practice has always been combined with writing – initially as a feature writer and columnist for Therapy Today and Private Practice magazines, and more recently by blogging for, and reviewing books for small journals.

My book The Brink of Being explores the experience of miscarriage through memoir, case-studies and research. There’s more about it here.

I regularly offer comments and quotes to print and broadcast journalists too.

Latest Reviews

The Brink of Being – talking about miscarriage

I was interviewed about my book here and my book has been reviewed here  If you’d like to buy it, there are options here.

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Coping With Pregnancy Loss

Petra Boynton is a social psychologist and agony aunt, as well as someone who has experienced miscarriages, and her warmth, wisdom and compassion shine through all of her text in…

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Passionate Marriage

I like to revisit David Schnarch’s thinking, as it always feels refreshing. He turns some well-received, and indeed practised, ideas in couples and sex therapy around and upside-down in parts,…

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